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The Joe Stamm Band (JSB) is a high energy country/rock group rooted in the black dirt of the American Midwest. Born & raised in the fields and fence rows of Central Illinois, Joe and the band play a soul pumping brand of country rock uniquely their own. JSB released an EP, “Feel Like Me”, in August of 2016 & follow-up single "Crow Creek" in June, 2017. Their next single, "American Freeborn Kids" is set to release November 30th, 2017. JSB's music is laced with rural American imagery, hard-driving guitar, and songwriting that invites listeners into a deeply personal, authentic life experience.

Joe’s early life revolved primarily around football, earning a scholarship to play quarterback at Northern Illinois University. Injuries, however, cut a once promising career short and sent him searching - searching for a new identity, new hobbies, new pursuits and points of focus. He poured himself into academics, hunting, his childhood faith, partying & burning candles at both ends. Gradually, music and songwriting dominated Joe’s focus and stories began to emerge – not just his but yours, ours. Over time, a community of musicians & fans took notice. A band formed & audiences started filling venues.

The Joe Stamm Band has now opened for acts such as Parmalee, the Kentucky Headhunters, JT Hodges, even sharing the bill with personal heroes Willie Nelson & Kris Kristofferson this past summer at the Tailgates & Tallboys Music Festival. Their focus is singular – play great music for as many people as possible. Joe acknowledges, “We started this thing in the grassroots of central Illinois. And we plan to stay firmly rooted. Roots and growth are dependent on one another. We trust our fans will keep us centered on both.”

JSB is proudly sponsored by FM 104.9 The Wolf & Busch Light / Brewers Distributing.



"['American Freeborn Kids'] is country music!  If I could put myself in the chair of any radio program director across the country, I’d add this one to the play list the day it got to the station." -, Nov. 7, 2017

Joe Stamm Band Impresses with Haunting Single, "Crow Creek", Oct. 11, 2017

Jerrod Niemann at Grizzly Rose, with Joe Stamm Band, Sept. 29, 2017

"Crow Creek" Hits #1 on Chart, Sept. 25, 2017

"A handful of people waited at the stage to hear the band we would all soon know. [Joe Stamm Band] was hitting on all cylinders and soon enough a buzz was working its way around the festival. Before we knew it, a crowd numbering well over 1000, was watching a special performance. The Joe Stamm Band delivered on all fronts, bringing their unique southern style of rock/country fusion to the stage and left with 100’s of new fans...The band was professional, easy going and dedicated to the fans. It was nice to see a band that was so committed to making high quality music and able to work the crowd into a frenzy. I would recommend them to anybody."  - Nick Escobar, Entertainment Chairman, Dixon Petunia Festival

“Open your ears to a special sound! The Joe Stamm Band ties together strong, soulful vocals with a full  audio experience of talented, tight and passionate musicians. Close your eyes and you will find yourself transported to a tailgate party off an old dirt road. Definitely a ‘must listen’!" - Shelly Knight, Program Direction @ NASH 97.3 Peoria





(309) 713-5668