"American freeborn kids"

Joe Stamm Band Releases New Song & Video!

Release Announcement.jpg

Here's the backstory from Joe...

"Shortly after the presidential elections in 2016, I wrote a song called American Freeborn Kids. I didn’t write it to protest. I didn’t write it to protest the protesters. I wrote it because I was seeing all the division among the American people…the anger, the slander, the infighting…and frankly, it just made me sad.

I think debate, protests, competing interests and opinions are good & necessary for a healthy nation, don’t get me wrong. But I also don’t think these differences require hatred & grief for one another.

America was born a melting pot of many different cultures and creeds. Our diversity gave us our strength, and continues to do so today. I wanted to write a song that helped us celebrate our differences and not agonize over them, as we often do.

This song is not a defense or an indictment of any side of any argument of any issue. It’s not about politics or the American government. It’s not saying we’re better or worse than any other people or nation. It is purely and simply a celebration of you, and me – of us as a community and nation of people…our diversity, our culture & cultures.

This song is about everything, and everyone, that makes up our collective bond as American Freeborn Kids. And I hope you can celebrate that with me."