What is Black Dirt Country Rock?

Joe Stamm ABATE Event 2018.jpg

Black Dirt Country Rock is Rural. It connects the earth to fields, to fencerows, to red-tailed hawks. It's blistering heat and brutal cold. It's a sunset falling beneath the edge of a dry cornfield in autumn. It's sweat dripping down a can of cheap beer in summer. It's an old muscle car parked out back with grass growing tall around cracked tires.

Black Dirt Country Rock is People. It connects family to heritage, to community. It's old fashioned, Midwestern worth ethic. It's up at dawn and, sometimes, staying up ‘til the next. It's timeworn farmers at the diner having coffee. It's a preacher in the liquor store parking lot, fighting his own battles. It's a high school football team drinking beer on the far edge of that cornfield where the sun went down.

Black Dirt Country Rock is Sound. It connects an experience to bodies, to souls. It’s a heartwarming laugh and sometimes a heart aching cry. It's the deep bawl of a hound underneath a half moon. It's calloused fingers moving up and down a screaming guitar. It's a tired voice holding notes at the end of a long show. It's a kick drum that rattles a glass. It's a lyric that punches a gut. It's a beat that pumps a fist. It’s a place to hear the truth.

Black Dirt Country Rock is Music.