Landing Spots

Flies seem to be frantically searching...buzzing this way and that around your head...looking for a good landing spot, I guess. 

A landing spot - a safe reprieve from the frantic search for place and peace. My life often feels like that frantic little fly. I get caught up in all life's options, opportunities and potential disasters. I am fortunate, though, to have landing spots - safe "places" I can land and find my bearings, get some rest, calibrate and find my direction. My home, and the property that surrounds it is one of these. My girlfriend, Kaycie, is a landing spot. The weekly lunches I have with my dad are landing spots. My dog Sam is a landing spot. Spring time and Fall are landing spots, of sorts.

The next time you catch yourself buzzing around and feeling a touch frantic about life, find one of your landing spots and let yourself feel safe for a moment or two. Soak in those moments. Breathe them in before starting to move on again, remembering you can always return to them when needed.