Sometimes wind blows.
Sometimes it blows cold.
Sometimes it blows soft.
Sometimes it blows cool.
Sometimes it blows hot.
Sometimes it blows hard.
Sometimes it blows warm.
Sometimes it carries rain.
Sometimes it carries debris.
Sometimes it carries snow.
Sometimes it carries houses.
Sometimes it wets your eyes.
Sometimes it prickles your skin.
Sometimes it messes your hair.
Sometimes it is at your back.
Sometimes it is in your face.
Sometimes it does some, or several, of these at once.
Sometimes the wind lays.


Who are the footsteps you hear when you close your eyes? How do they make you feel? Do they lead you? Do they walk beside you? Do they encircle you? Do they pace back & forth, waiting in expectation? Do they follow? And if so, do they follow with patience & grace, or do they remain on your heels? Is their pace steady, or does it waiver? Try to sense which footsteps are which, whose they are, and whether you need their noise in your head. It might be time to outrun some of them. It might be time to fall in step with others.

Landing Spots

Flies seem to be frantically searching...buzzing this way and that around your head...looking for a good landing spot, I guess. 

A landing spot - a safe reprieve from the frantic search for place and peace. My life often feels like that frantic little fly. I get caught up in all life's options, opportunities and potential disasters. I am fortunate, though, to have landing spots - safe "places" I can land and find my bearings, get some rest, calibrate and find my direction. My home, and the property that surrounds it is one of these. My girlfriend, Kaycie, is a landing spot. The weekly lunches I have with my dad are landing spots. My dog Sam is a landing spot. Spring time and Fall are landing spots, of sorts.

The next time you catch yourself buzzing around and feeling a touch frantic about life, find one of your landing spots and let yourself feel safe for a moment or two. Soak in those moments. Breathe them in before starting to move on again, remembering you can always return to them when needed.