Thoughtful Thursday


From My Head to Yours - Deep Thoughts for Your Thursday...

1. Am I the only guy who gets self-conscious buying hand lotion? I find myself wanting to explain to the cashier how the dry air cracks the skin on the backs of my knuckles. I'd go through the self-checkout line, but wouldn't that just look more suspicious?

2. I love playing close to home. Specifically, I love playing in Lacon, IL. I love playing with the full band. I love to party. This Saturday, at 9pm, I've got all 4 of those in one at Whiskerz Pub.

3. I've grown to like coffee in the afternoon more than even the morning...but perhaps because my work day starts in the afternoon 🤔

4. Yesterday, I used the sentence, "I haven't been on a bender since Christmas," in a conversation with my accountant. I then wrote it down. That will make a nice lyric someday.

5. I'm a seasonal kind of fella...I like variety. So I tend not to bitch about winter too much. Sometimes, though, February & March test my patience (but so do you, August, so don't get too smug).

6. I have played acoustic shows at Minier Tap (Minier, IL) & Aces & Eights Bar (Tonica, IL) twice each, and have had great times on every occasion. So coupled w/ the aforementioned full band show on Saturday, this weekend is going to be bitchin.

7. I enjoy collecting children's toys (i.e. cars, etc), particularly those w/ nostalgic value. I figure it has something to do with not having money to buy them as a kid and/or just wanting to connect with my youth. Maybe I should ask my shrink?

8. Ice Man cometh.

9. "Midwest Girl" is about to release...will probably have a specific date next week. I only wrote it about 5 years ago. What's the rush, right? Everyone should just slow down every once in a while and take a deep breath.

10: I didn't think using "Deep Thoughts w/ Joe Handy" as the title again would be appropriate considering thought #1.