Let go of your fear, & be.

You can "be" all sorts of things...you can be careful, be reckless, be generous, be shrewd, be unkind, be welcoming, be together, be alone...and you can be all these various things to no end. But at the very least, and perhaps even the most, you must simply BE.

No external circumstances can affect this, perhaps even death. Nothing can truly take your "be"ing. So relish each moment, let go of your fear and BE.

Additional food for thought, for all you Judeo-Christian sympathizers out there. The Judeo-Christain God's name is Yahweh - I AM. The greatest "be"ing simply is, and that is apparently enough said about His name, his essence & existence. We are purportedly made in His image. 


A single wildflower, among tall grass
Buffeted by swirling winds
Bends every which way
Buffeted by tall grass
Bending every which way
Buffeted by swirling winds
Tall grass, surrounding a single wildflower

They wait for calm, sunny days
They wait for gentle, nourishing rains


There are many forces upon us - our friends & our enemies, our acquaintances & strangers. There are those who love us, like us, hate us or are altogether indifferent towards us. Yet, they remain forces upon us, regardless.

Then there is the world & reality. These are forces upon us all. We're all in this together, whether we like it or not.