Snowflakes are born unique in the clouds, and they drift down to earth, tossed about and driven by various winds, until they land together, forming one white, faceless mass. Occasionally, however, a snowflake lands upon a mitten and appreciated for the marvelous, distinctive beauty that a snowflake is. And then it melts, unprotected by the cold, indistinct mass of its fellows.


A single wildflower, among tall grass
Buffeted by swirling winds
Bends every which way
Buffeted by tall grass
Bending every which way
Buffeted by swirling winds
Tall grass, surrounding a single wildflower

They wait for calm, sunny days
They wait for gentle, nourishing rains


There are many forces upon us - our friends & our enemies, our acquaintances & strangers. There are those who love us, like us, hate us or are altogether indifferent towards us. Yet, they remain forces upon us, regardless.

Then there is the world & reality. These are forces upon us all. We're all in this together, whether we like it or not.