Thoughtful Thursday


1.       Wait, isn’t it Wednesday? – Damn right it is. I don’t play by the rules.

2.       Speaking of rules, what do you think about cussing in a church? I always figured, God knows I cuss when I’m outside a church, so why should I pretend to be any different inside of one?..I’m not foolin’ anyone…

3.       Hittin’ the road for a show tomorrow (on the real Thursday) in Des Moines, IA. And not just any old Moines, but DEE Moines. Gas Lamp, 7pm

4.       My dog Sam has a Pavlovian reaction to me sitting down to relax on the couch. As soon as I do it, he has to suddenly take a leak and wants to go outside.

5.       I attempted a revolutionary, ingenious live trap set to remove a muskrat out of my pond (he’s been doing some damage), because I really don’t want to shoot him. That was 4 days ago. Still no muskrat.

6.       Westbound and down I-80 this weekend for Kearney, NE for a two night stint at Cunningham’s Journal. The last time we played there, we sat down to eat before the show and the first thing the college student waitress says to us after learning we’re the band is, “So all the staff was saying none of the guys in the band are good-looking.” Thanks, we’re glad to be here too.

7.       I’ve never really had a die-hard, favorite college team. When I was a kid, I briefly liked Iowa. Then Michigan State for a bit. I’ll always root for Northern Illinois, since I kinda played there. Nowadays, I do like to see Illinois win (I’m emotionally over the fact that they never offered me a scholarship). And someone did give me this snazzy Nebraska hat recently. So we can at least definitively say I’m rooting for the Midwest.

8.       I vividly remember being in my grandparents living room as a boy, watching my grandma thumb through a Ghost Rider comic book that I had foolishly left out on the dining room table. I can only imagine what she must’ve been thinking about this dude on a motorcycle with a flaming skull for a head, whipping people with his long chain.

9.       Speaking of Grandma, we filmed in a beautiful, rural, central Illinois Church this week for a “Fetch Me” music video. I might’ve cussed a couple times. But not out of disrespect. Just habit. And, I kinda just am who I am (see #2).

10.   About 17 or 18 hours on the road here in the next few days – any ideas for road games we can play?