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 dandelion woman album launch experience
day 1

Welcome to the beginning of the story…we’re not going to waste any time. Let’s dig right into the previously unreleased title track. Today’s feature song is Track #1:

dandelion woman

“Her beauty will fade as she digs her roots into your heart”

Still haven’t seen enough?…we’ll show you how the story ends on Day 6…



Dandelion woman, so pretty to me
She lives in the trailer, just down the street
Brought her home to mama, wearin' my ring
Ma said that ain't no flower, soon enough you will see

Her beauty will fade as she digs her roots into your heart
She'll leave ya dried up, desperate alone in the dark

We moved into her trailer, after we wed
Lookin' for somethin' else, ain't got the money just yet
It's been food stamps and cocaine, day time TV
She just lies on that couch, suckin' the life out of me

Her beauty will fade as she digs her roots into your heart
She'll leave ya dried up, desperate alone in the dark

I came home today, covered in eight hours of dirt
To a man with a knife and a mind to do her dirty work
Bled out in this ditch, my consciousness fades
Back to the words, my mama told me that day

Her beauty will fade as she digs her roots into your heart
She'll leave ya dried up, desperate alone in the dark
Now her beauty is diggin' its way into another man's heart
And I'm all dried up, desperate, alone in the dark


Every song begins with a process though…

Dandelion Woman Lyrics.jpg

Here are the two pages in my writing notebook where I scribbled down the lyrics to “Dandelion Woman” back on June 25, 2017. Believe it or not, this is actually pretty clean and straight forward! Usually, it takes several more pages and many more rejected lines, words, concepts, etc. for me to finally put a finished song together. You can see where I tried out some different verses and moved the order of them around some. I wrote all the lyrics and the most of the melody lines, but Dave Glover - our guitar player - helped put some of the riffs and melodic pieces together. Speaking of which…

…where’d the idea for this song come from, anyways?

Joe Stamm - 2017-.jpg

Recognize this photo shoot (we’ve used these photos for several purposes, including social media)? Well, in a shoot like this, there is plenty of time to sit around dinkin’ and pluckin’ on the guitar while the photographer (Loren Root) takes his shots. By the end of this shoot, back in the summer of 2017, Loren was anxious for me to write what turned into the song Dandelion Woman, because I had sat there trying to work out the main guitar riff through most of the photoshoot. I eventually took this undeveloped melodic idea to a rehearsal and Dave Glover finished the riff. But I still needed a concept for the lyrics…something kind of dark…maybe foreboding…

dandelion woman…


I keep a list of random song ideas on my phone and in a notebook. It might be one word, a phrase or an entire verse. Sometimes it has a melody with it already, and sometimes it doesn’t. I might wake up in the night and jot it down. I might be in the middle of dinner, a TV show, driving down the road, you get the point. Well, I combed through this list when I was searching for ideas for this melody Dave and I had been working on. At some point, I had written “Dandelion Woman” on this list. Nothing more. But what’s a “Dandelion Woman”?…

flower or weed?…

Dandelion Tea Bag.jpg

I remember being a kid and going out on the playground at school. Certain times of year, the ground would be covered in dandelions. We’d pick ‘em and take them into our teachers. I remember on once occasion, I was probably in 2nd grade or something close, my teacher dismissed my offering and told me, “Those are just weeds. Throw them away.” I got to thinkin’ about that. They didn’t look like weeds. They sure looked pretty to me. Well, a couple decades later, that experience teamed up with my imagination and a certain melody line. I think the song itself tells the rest of the story…

and i’d like to give you that song for free…

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today you learned a little about how i write…

tomorrow you’ll learn a little more about me…

day 6, you’re gonna find out how it all goes down…

..and who’s left standing when it does.

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Vocals & Guitar: Joe Stamm
Guitar, Keys & BG Vocals: Dave Glover
Guitar: Danny Greuter
Bass: Jon Byler Dann
Drums: Bruce Moser
Written by Joe Stamm & Dave Glover
Recorded & Produced by Dave Glover, Mr. Wonderful Studios, Pekin, IL
Mastered by Randy Leroy, Tonal Park, Washington DC
Video by Robbie Stevens & Lucas Hathaway, Midtown Motion Productions, Nashville, TN