JSB gets personal with "Fetch Me"

Stamm Writes & Performs A Hymn Dedicated to His Family Heritage

Official music video for Joe Stamm Band's single, "Fetch Me." Released May 24,, 2018.

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A note from Joe about the song...

"If my heritage could be set to music, it would be a hymn.

I grew up on a two acre plot in the middle of my Grandpa Reeb’s cornfield, about a half mile down the road from the Metamora Mennonite Church where my grandparents attended services. Both grandma and grandpa were devout, committed to the church and any work they considered to be the Lord’s. My parents attended a small Baptist church, but we’d occasionally visit Metamora Mennonite, as well. Both churches introduced me to hymns at an early age, which set my heritage – both spiritual and genealogical – to music.

Vocals & Guitar: Joe Stamm
Guitar, Keys & BG Vocals: Dave Glover
Bass: Jon Byler Dann
Fiddle: Seth Cocquit
Producer: Dave Glover
Mastering: Randy LeRoy, Tonal Park
Photography: Loren Root

My own spiritual journey has been complicated, and it remains so. My childhood was rooted in conservative Christian circles, and while I do not consider all of these influences necessarily positive, they inform who I have become as a person, as a musician, and as a songwriter. In this, I find reasons to cherish my heritage and celebrate the people – like my Grandma and Grandpa Reeb - who laid the groundwork for my life’s journey.

When I wrote 'Fetch Me,' I saw my grandparents sitting in those hard, wooden pews at Metamora Mennonite. I heard the wind rustle the dry corn stalks in my grandpa’s field in autumn. I saw my mom playing piano at Germantown Hills Baptist. I felt the presence of generations of Mennonites in my family who stood to sing, knelt to pray, worked the fields around Metamora, Illinois and now rest in the small church cemeteries which many of those same fields surround.

'Fetch Me' is a hymn that connects the past, present and future – all the lives, traditions, beliefs and hopes therein. It is simple. It is mournful. It is hopeful. It’s the 'whisper [that] blows through me like the autumn breeze through dry hollow corn.'”

The official music video is still forthcoming, but the acoustics in the church where the filmed the music video were so nice, Joe sat down and played the “Fetch Me” live, as well.

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