Joe stamm to release heartfelt duet w/ tasji bachman, 6/1/18

"I broke down into tears recording this song in the studio..." [read more below]

A note from Joe about the song...

First Saw You Artwork FINAL.jpg

"I broke down into tears recording "First Saw You" in the studio.

Just a few weeks before the session, my girlfriend of three years and I had parted ways. While trying to sing this song in the studio, I couldn't help but see through all the more obvious circumstances and into the heart of our breakup - we'd stopped seeing each other in the ways that originally fed our love. I stopped seeing that girl at the show who wouldn't return my glances, yet walked up with her number on a ticket stub at the end of the night. We only saw the dirty dishes, the piled up laundry, the fatigue of every day life.

I had written "First Saw You" a couple months prior to our split, but until that moment in the studio, it had just been a pretty song to me. It didn't register. I still refused to see, and it cost me a relationship with someone I had loved.

I hope when you listen to "First Saw You," you'll try to find that first glimpse again. I hope you'll make the effort to see with the eyes that "first saw" your partner. Look past the familiarity. Find that person again. Find those first moments. Remind yourselves why you fell in love.

I dream and hope this song will save a relationship, a marriage, a friendship...that it'll provide an opportunity to look around and really SEE that person again, before it's too late."

Vocals: Joe Stamm
Vocals: Tasji Bachman
Acoustic Guitar: John Willis
Electric Guitar: Jeff King
Steel Guitar: Scotty Sanders
Bass: Duncan Mullins
Keys: David Dorn
Drums: Scott Williamson

Songwriter: Joe Stamm
Photography: Robby Stevens & Lucas Hathaway,
Midtown Motion Productions, Nashville, TN
Graphic Design: Elise Kingland

Produced by Joe Carrell
Recorded by Joe Carrell at Spirit Music Studios, Nashville, TN. Assisted by Lucas Hathaway
Mixed by Joe Carrell at Omni Sound Studios,
Nashville, TN
Mastered by Richard Dodd at Richard Dodd Mastering,
Berry Hill, TN

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