Joe stamm releases new single, “lay down" 7/12/19

"Take off all that make-up that’s tryin’ to run, take off all them clothes that you got on..”

A note from Joe about the song...

“I don’t write a lot of love songs. At least not like this. ‘Lay Down’ is vulnerable, intense, and probably one of the more provocative songs I’ve written.

It’s easy to build up boundaries in life, specifically in relationships. But in the end, I think all we really want is a safe place to be ourselves. And maybe someone to share that place with.

‘Lay Down’ is about breaking down the walls we’ve built and allowing ourselves to draw closer to something authentic, intimate, and most importantly, safe. It’s about finding a place, or a person, where we can rest, find some companionship, and find some peace.”

Joe Stamm Lay Down Album Art FINAL.jpg

Can you stop running? Can you stop hiding? Will you ‘take off all that make-up that’s trying to run?’...”

Vocals: Joe Stamm
Acoustic Guitar: Danny Rader
Electric Guitar: Jeff King
Steel Guitar: Scotty Sanders
Bass: Duncan Mullins
Keys: Jason Webb
Drums: Scott Williamson
BG Vocals: Perry Coleman

Songwriter: Joe Stamm
Music Video: Robby Stevens & Lucas Hathaway,
Midtown Motion Productions, Nashville, TN
Photography: Joanna Smith
Graphic Design: Blue Heron Graphic Design

Produced by Joe Carrell
Recorded by Joe Carrell at Treasure Isle Studios, Nashville, TN. Assisted by Sam Martin & Leah Schattschneider
Mixed by Joe Carrell at Treasure Isle Studios,
Nashville, TN
Mastered by Richard Dodd at Richard Dodd Mastering,
Berry Hill, TN

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