Dandelion Woman CD/Vinyl/T-Shirt Bundle

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Dandelion Woman Pre-Order T Shirt Vinyl CD Bundle.jpg

Dandelion Woman CD/Vinyl/T-Shirt Bundle

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Save on the bundle! Grab the “Dandelion Woman” CD, the Vinyl, as well as the super soft, unisex shirt inspired by the new music video!

JSB’s new EP features the previously unreleased title track, “Dandelion Woman,” as well as four songs never before released to CD, including “First Saw You” and “Midwest Girl.”

The vinyl includes ALL 9 songs JSB has released to date - everything on the “Dandelion Woman” CD (i.e. “First Saw You,” “Midwest Girl,” etc), as well as the entire “Crow Creek” album on Side B.

Vinyl Side A (and CD):

  1. Dandelion Woman

  2. Fetch Me

  3. Midwest Girl

  4. American Freeborn Kids

  5. First Saw You (ft. Tasji Bachman)

Vinly (only) Side B:

  1. Crow Creek

  2. Feel Like Me

  3. One Night Stands

  4. Song of the Hills

Includes full color packaging, musician & recording information, as well as album notes.

T-shirt is the super soft, Next Level Tr-Blend you have come to expect from us (we don’t buy cheap crap :)

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