“honor a fallen soldier”
joe stamm music video submission

Our next single is a song called “I’ll Buy the Beer.” It’s a song about friendship and family, and about the lives that are left behind when someone passes away. For the music video, we want to feature and honor someone’s story, specifically that of someone who was lost in the course of military duty/action, or as a result of military duty. More specifically, we are looking for someone who left behind a spouse, children and/or a particularly close friend. All stories and soldiers submitted will be considered, though; so please don’t hesitate to submit your story if all this criteria is not met.

Before you submit your soldier and story, please keep in mind the following:

  • By submitting, you are not automatically obligated to accept, should you be chosen for this feature. You will have the opportunity to hear the song and discuss the project and expectations with the Joe Stamm team before committing

  • We want to honor your story and your soldier. Nothing more, and nothing less. Should your story be chosen, you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback if anything at all about the process or final result makes you uncomfortable

  • This is not one of those “boot in your ass, rah, rah, America” type of songs/videos. This project is about life, and honoring life

  • This project and idea has been vetted and endorsed by a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corp who lost friends in the line of duty. We are trying to remain very sensitive and compassionate towards a very delicate and painful topic. Again, it is our goal to honor the lives and relationships lost

  • Please DO NOT submit on behalf of a family or soldier who has not agreed to this submission

  • We can only feature one soldier and one story, so undoubtedly, there will be very worthy and qualified submissions that we cannot accept. Please trust that this in no way reflects us considering one “better” or “more honorable” than another. It will simply come down to things like logistics, locations, content available (such as photos and videos), etc. We are not in the business of judging legacies here.

Thank you for your willingness to tell your story…to tell your soldier’s story. If you’ve read ALL OF THE ABOVE, and still feel good about being a part of this music video, please fill out the form below. If you are selected, we will contact you with further details.

I have read and understood all of the above , and I am willing to have my story be considered for a feature in a Joe Stamm music video. I also have the rights to share this story and agree to have Joe Stamm's team contact me for further information, if necessary. *
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Soldier's Name
Please tell us about your soldier. Did he/she have family? Children? Spouse? A particularly close friendship? Where and when did he/she serve? A special story about his/her life within and/or outside of military service? Military branch? Anything else of note that you'd like us to know.
Do you have photos we can use? *
We'd like to utilize photos of your soldier with family and friends to be included in the video
Do you have videos we can use? *
We'd also like to include videos, if available, of your soldier interacting with friends and/or family
Does your soldier have a memorial? *
This might be a monument, a resting place, a location where ashes were spread - some special spot where family and friends visit to honor and remember.
If there is such a spot, where is this located? Please include specific location, city and state, for example, "Springdale Cemetery, Peoria, IL" (If no such spot exists, simply type "None" in the field below)