Thoughtful Thursday


From My Head to Yours - Deep Thoughts for Your Thursday...

1. Am I the only guy who gets self-conscious buying hand lotion? I find myself wanting to explain to the cashier how the dry air cracks the skin on the backs of my knuckles. I'd go through the self-checkout line, but wouldn't that just look more suspicious?

2. I love playing close to home. Specifically, I love playing in Lacon, IL. I love playing with the full band. I love to party. This Saturday, at 9pm, I've got all 4 of those in one at Whiskerz Pub.

3. I've grown to like coffee in the afternoon more than even the morning...but perhaps because my work day starts in the afternoon 🤔

4. Yesterday, I used the sentence, "I haven't been on a bender since Christmas," in a conversation with my accountant. I then wrote it down. That will make a nice lyric someday.

5. I'm a seasonal kind of fella...I like variety. So I tend not to bitch about winter too much. Sometimes, though, February & March test my patience (but so do you, August, so don't get too smug).

6. I have played acoustic shows at Minier Tap (Minier, IL) & Aces & Eights Bar (Tonica, IL) twice each, and have had great times on every occasion. So coupled w/ the aforementioned full band show on Saturday, this weekend is going to be bitchin.

7. I enjoy collecting children's toys (i.e. cars, etc), particularly those w/ nostalgic value. I figure it has something to do with not having money to buy them as a kid and/or just wanting to connect with my youth. Maybe I should ask my shrink?

8. Ice Man cometh.

9. "Midwest Girl" is about to release...will probably have a specific date next week. I only wrote it about 5 years ago. What's the rush, right? Everyone should just slow down every once in a while and take a deep breath.

10: I didn't think using "Deep Thoughts w/ Joe Handy" as the title again would be appropriate considering thought #1.



Sometimes wind blows.
Sometimes it blows cold.
Sometimes it blows soft.
Sometimes it blows cool.
Sometimes it blows hot.
Sometimes it blows hard.
Sometimes it blows warm.
Sometimes it carries rain.
Sometimes it carries debris.
Sometimes it carries snow.
Sometimes it carries houses.
Sometimes it wets your eyes.
Sometimes it prickles your skin.
Sometimes it messes your hair.
Sometimes it is at your back.
Sometimes it is in your face.
Sometimes it does some, or several, of these at once.
Sometimes the wind lays.


Who are the footsteps you hear when you close your eyes? How do they make you feel? Do they lead you? Do they walk beside you? Do they encircle you? Do they pace back & forth, waiting in expectation? Do they follow? And if so, do they follow with patience & grace, or do they remain on your heels? Is their pace steady, or does it waiver? Try to sense which footsteps are which, whose they are, and whether you need their noise in your head. It might be time to outrun some of them. It might be time to fall in step with others.