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day 3

Welcome back! Today, we’re featuring JSB’s anthem to the Midwestern woman, and hidden somewhere on this page is Joe streaking. Today’s feature song is track #3:

midwest girl

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she’s the reason, i been singin’
waylon extra slow”

Official Music Video, filmed at Crusens on Farmington Rd, Peoria, IL


She’s standing in the back, movin’ and singin’ along
Every time I play a Waylon Jennings song
I try to catch her eyes, she pretends she doesn’t know
She’s the reason, I been singin’ Waylon extra slow

Set a kick-drum rhythm that’ll get her spinnin’ across the barroom floor
Dip, spin, strip it down, twirl, damn I love a Midwest girl

Outside it must be 20 degrees, but her skirt’s well up above her knees
Shakin’ snow off her boots, they’re water proof and OD Green
Whiskey keeps her warm, beer keeps her fed
And that tequila shot her girlfriend bought is gettin’ to her head

Set a guitar rhythm that’ll get her spinnin’ across the barroom floor
Dip, spin, strip it down, twirl, damn I love a Midwest girl

We’re winding down our set, and this bar is clearin’ out
But there’s one girl I can count on, I know will stick around
Ya, she’ll dance and have her fun, she likes to cut it loose
But she’s a one-man woman and I’m the man that girl will bring it to

We finally finish up, and she’s waiting by the door
She says, Baby are you ready, I wanna get you home

Dip, spin, strip it down, twirl, damn I love a Midwest girl


‘midwest girl’ would not exist w/out ‘feel like me’…

JSB EP Art.jpg

Why is this, you ask? Good question. If you’ve listened to “Feel Like Me” before, you might’ve noticed that in the chorus, I sing “I’ll find a Midwest Girl, who can handle the cold.” I used to play this song for my buddies, ya know, around bonfires and stuff. My friend Jack’s wife, Nikole, started requesting “Feel Like Me” all the time. But she never called the song by it’s proper name. She always said, “Play that Midwest Girl song!” And that got me thinkin…

(Feel Like Me is on our Crow Creek CD, but will also be featured on the B-Side of the Dandelion Woman VINYL!)

i’ve always been a sucker for a midwest girl…


When I was in kindergarten, we had them carpet squares that they used to have us take naps on. This girl named Tiffany wandered up to me one day on my carpet square and told me (not asked, but told me) that I was her boyfriend. Well, that was almost 3 decades ago, and I’ve been a sucker for a Midwest Girl ever since…

…come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever dated any girl who’s lived anywhere but the Midwest…but we digress…

…So anyways, once Nikole started erroneously requesting “that Midwest Girl” song, I thought to myself, “Self, everyone sings about Southern girls, California girls, Texas girls. The Midwest Girl needs her own song!”

So i got to writing…

DC, 1-19-13.jpg

At the time, I was playin’ with a group of fellers, we called ourselves ‘Joe Stamm & the 26ers’ - consisted of Danny Haley, Brad Haley, Dave McMullen & Clay Shawhan. I told ‘em about my idea for a Midwest Girl song and one night, I went over to Danny’s house (he’s the drummer over there in that photo) and we commenced to drinkin’ beers and trying to figure out how to write the rest of the song. So far, I had come up with “Dip, spin, strip it down, twirl, Damn, I love a Midwest Girl.” And I pretty much had the melody figured out in my head. But that was all I had. So Danny and I sat there, drank a bunch of Busch Lights and tried puzzlin’ it out…

button smiles and other throwaway lines…


Well, we didn’t end up keeping a single lyric out of that writing session. The only one I can remember is Danny saying “button smile” at one point. I still don’t know what a button smile is, but I didn’t give up on the song. Shortly thereafter, I must’ve sat down with a more clear head and scribbled out lyrics that remain today. Regardless, I owe those boys a debt of gratitude. They all contributed to helping arrange that song once it was written, and as soon as we started playing it out, folks just loved it.

Some five years later, it’s still a crowd favorite.

Oh! And remember that thing I was telling you about how there weren’t no songs about Midwest Girls, but there was all kinds of songs about Southern Girls and whatnot?…

I’ll be damned if that same week…


…Tim McGraw didn’t release his song “Southern Girl.”

You can have your kettle balls and Southern girls, Tim.

(DISCLAIMER: In truth, I have nothing against Southern girls, or folks from any other regions. We love our fans from all over this good Earth!)

anyways, the time’s come when i give you today’s song for free!

For a Free, high quality WAV file download of the song, Midwest Girl, just hit the Add to Cart button and use the discount code MWGIRL at check out.

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More old photos from the “Joe Stamm & the 26ers” Days

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today you learned how i accidentally wrote midwest girl.

tomorrow you’ll see all the lyrics that didn’t make the cut for our next feature song…

day 6, you’re gonna find out how it all goes down…

..and who’s left standing when it does.

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ps: in case you’ve just gotta have some midwest girl apparel, or if you’d like to have ‘feel like me’ on cd, here’s easy access:

"Crow Creek" (2018) CD
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Vocals & Guitar: Joe Stamm
Guitar, Keys & BG Vocals: Dave Glover
Guitar: Danny Greuter
Bass & BG Vocals: Jon Byler Dann
Drums: Bruce Moser
Written by Joe Stamm
Recorded & Produced by Dave Glover, Mr. Wonderful Studios, Pekin, IL
Mastered by Randy Leroy, Tonal Park, Washington DC
Video by Troy Phillips & Mike Dwyer, LMV Productions, Peoria, IL

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